How to Become a Vegan?


A lot of us might have considered going vegan at some point in our life. What precisely could be a vegan diet? A vegan diet is free from all animal products. It’s usually attributed to a lifestyle that's animal-friendly, as opposed to other diet forms that encourage animal exploitation. So, yes, a vegan diet is empty of honey, eggs, milk, and cheese among others, anything at all that's derived from animals. If you’re planning to be part of the vegan force, here are some tips you can consider:

1-Learn everything about veganism before becoming one.

Get to read about the health and environmental benefits. Since it is a plant-based diet, learn more about protein through plants. Also, read the ingredients of every product carefully. These days a lot of material is available online.

2-Begin slowly.

Your body needs time to get used to a new diet. If you’re planning to go vegan because you want to lose weight, don’t skip the carbs completely. It’ll probably be difficult in the beginning, but the more you discover and experiment, the more you learn.

3-Do not start right away, Transitioning is the key.

First of all, start incorporating vegan choices in your daily life along with your routine food. Build your comfort level around the vegan meals and look out for interesting options. Try eliminating meat gradually and become a vegetarian first and vegan later.

4-Some foods are considered your ‘barrier foods’.

 These are the foods you cannot imagine your life without but still come from animals. For example, some people can not function without the cheese. Work on the alternative options first and leave your barrier foods towards the end.

5-Connect with other vegans.

Two things most of the people consume daily are eggs and milk. It can be difficult to cope up with the absence of these. So, connecting with others might help you figure out how to go without these. Not just that, it gives people an opportunity to share recipes and view, and brings about a sense of community.

6-Always remember the reason why you are actually doing it.

Becoming vegan just to sound cool or just for the sake of a diet might not work well. It is important to understand the impacts this diet has on the environment and animals.

7-Starting a completely new lifestyle is never easy.

Some days will be low and sore. The body also goes through mood swings when you change your diet. Stay strong and positive.

8-Think about the production process of your regular animal products.

Read about what goes into slaughtering of animals or the milking process for commercial purposes. It will turn you off about using any animal product already.

These were just a tips on how to go about a vegan diet as a beginner. Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to certain foods. But it’s still worth a shot. Consult a dietician for more.